Iced pastries sitting on tray on counter at Giant Coffee
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Espresso con Panna

Locally roasted, small batch, single origin coffee. 

An arts-district coffee bar where everyone’s welcome.

At Giant Coffee, we like to keep things simple. We roast our coffee locally, every week, which means every small, single-origin batch is always fresh. We only use high quality, all natural ingredients, including organic milk and milk alternatives. And, we don’t mess around with dozens of flavored syrups — chocolate and vanilla cover all the bases for us.

We just serve good coffee, available by drip, pour-over or in your favorite, espresso-based drink. We do it in a beautiful, art-infused space. And we add a little familiar flavor by offering local, scratch pastries and handmade breakfast burritos from Matt’s Big Breakfast, the folks who dreamed up Giant Coffee in the first place.

Landscape photo of the inside of a coffee shop with wood accents and miscellaneous decor.

Giant Coffee Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

A blonde barista in a grey apron holding a bowl of pastries.

A Giant Beginning

Giant Coffee began at the breakfast table, at Matt’s Big Breakfast, to be specific. Founders Matt and Erenia saw an opportunity to spread the same vision and mission offered at Matt’s by opening a coffee bar committed to simplicity and top quality ingredients, fueled by a welcoming atmosphere and shaped by its location in the heart of the downtown Phoenix arts district.

Just steps from the Phoenix Public Library, across from the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Theater Company and the world famous Heard Museum, and near the Arizona School for the Arts, Giant Coffee has become part of a diverse and creative downtown arts scene by brewing good coffee and treating everyone with kindness.



Find a spot in our rear parking lot, or score one of the nearby spots on 1st and 2nd Streets.

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